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Renewing a CDL in Tennessee - Forms, Applications and Fees

Renew your Commercial Drivers License in Tennessee

If you have an expired Tennessee commercial drivers license you are probably looking for an easy way to renew your CDL, especially after applying for one was such a lengthy process. Here at we can tell you what documents to bring, what paperwork needs to be filed to renew your Tennessee CDL license, and there is no confusing federal jargon to meander through. We give you straightforward checklists that will get you back on the road safely and efficiently. Like how to identify which classification of truck license or bus license you fall under. There are three categories: class A commercial drivers license, class b commercial drivers license, or class C commercial drivers license.

In order to secure your CDL renewal you will also have to pass a vision test. It is important to wear any corrective lenses at the time of the test, if needed. Many commercial drivers licenses come with hazardous material endorsements. If you fall into this category you will need to take the hazardous material knowledge test each time you renew your CDL license. Because a background check will be administered, the DMV suggests you begin your license renewal process at least 30 days ahead of time. So, if you need to replace your lost commercial drivers license take a look at our site and get the help you need without all the fuss!

For more information and a detailed checklist, please see the Commercial Driver License Easy Guide™.